Strategic Planning

Strategic planning Any consultancy that we carry out, we begin by trying to clearly define with business owners their goals and results that are necessary to achieve. Thereafter, our specialists are engaged in forecasting, i.e., preliminary assessment of the events, possible conditions, the necessary measures and resources, etc. as well as developing long-term and short-term strategy that meets the set goals.

As part of strategic planning, a concrete program of action is developed, in the framework of which a further implementation of the project will be carried out and a deadline of the project completion will be determined. In conclusion, a project’s budget is drawn up, existing and necessary resources are analysed. The concept of financing the project is also produced at every stage.

Management of Business Processes

Management of business processes Our specialists create and analyze a model of business processes at the enterprise, taking into account the world’s leading techniques. This model provides a good material for analysis of what is happening in the company, reveals “bottlenecks” in its operations, identifies potential risks and overheads, which the company carries out in its activities due to duplication of functions and areas of responsibility or, conversely, “irresponsibility.”

Consequently, either a partial adjustment can be made – optimization of business structure, or re-engineering – a complete overhaul of key business processes of an organization. The purpose of reengineering – is a sharp reduction in the cost of business processes, time-consumption on its conduct, the number of employees participating in them. As a result of reengineering the organizational structure of the company as well as the purpose of its subsidiaries usually changes.

A policy on managerial decision-making and procedures for implementation of standardized work is developed, in which fields of duties and responsibilities of employees are distributed, and management and control scheme is generated. As part of the model, quality management systems are analysed and developed which comply with ISO 9001:2000 standard – the main requirement of which is the introduction of process-oriented management system.

A documentation and accounting system is developed within the company. An ERP system is implemented that meets the managerial and financial accounting needs of the enterprise. Based on the previously developed strategy, a form of financing the project is developed and the necessary financial instruments are selected.

On client’s request, our company will select and train all the personnel required, will develop a system of motivation and will also develop a corporate spirit of the company. Our experts have developed a programme of long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation between employers and employees. The programme will not only make your company prosperous, but also socially responsible.

As part of the developed strategy, we helping to build a full-fledged CRM-system, which will undoubtedly become the foundation of your customer-centric company.