Marketing Consultancy

Marketing consultancy In the life of every business there comes a moment of awareness of the marketing development necessity. Strategic plans turn into living needs. Creating a full-fledged marketing department – is a difficult and expensive task that requires not only the knowledge of marketing processes and clear understanding of the company’s needs, but also a financial commitment. Often, the marketers’ work does not meet the interests of the company and contributes to its detriment.

In most cases, the overview of the company’s needs is formulated by phrases like “we have to change something” or “let’s sell more”. Marketers’ response to this are indistinct advertising campaigns that either waste the entire company’s budget, or conduct sociological polls and surveys that in reality are far apart from the true state of affairs. After such experience, most managers get disappointed in the marketing system and leave all the work to run by itself, prior to which they cut the cost of the department to its minimum. We offer our clients two different approaches.

First Classical Option

We help you to build clearly structured, transparent, and most importantly an effective marketing structure in your enterprise. Before setting the marketing goals, we analyze the activities of the company and undertake marketing audit to reveal earlier made mistakes. Our experts then develop a global marketing concept of enterprise’s development.

Using the concept, we understand a set of measures required to establish internal and external policy of the company. In the end, for the marketing department to function successfully we work closely with the company’s management: to develop the structure of the department and the delegation structure of authority, and to form the budget of the department and if required also help to select personnel who can successfully meet all set targets!

Second Option

Given option involves a more modern approach to enterprise management. If you do not want to spend your time on developing a marketing department and take care of your money – we offer our innovative solution 3PM (THIRD PARTY MARKETING) – or marketing for outsourcing. You just need to set a goal and we will do the rest!

We Create a Brand!

  • We create a programme of communication with consumers!
  • We develop PR-campaign and advertising policy.
  • We create a loyal-oriented company!