Import/ Export Consultancy

Import Export consultancy In the cycle of life of virtually any company, there comes a point where further growth requires an entry to international markets. This is when the foreign economic activity (FEA) becomes one of the most important aspects of the company, which seeks to enter the world market, thus ensuring export of its goods to other countries, or import to Turkey. There is no point in hiding the fact that any company related to foreign economic activity faces a number of objective problems. The main problem is the lack of free

financial reserves required to build a fully-fledged department of Foreign Trade. Quite often it is also the lack of professionals with the right qualifications and skills.

If you have decided to actively develop a foreign trade in your company, but you have no ability or desire to hire additional staff – then our specialists will gladly come to your aid, and offer to take on the entire operation. Outsourcing the foreign economic activity will not only minimize your costs and time, but will also provide confidence in the results.

Our experts will help you to: improve export or import of your goods, find a reliable supplier anywhere in the world, organize participation of your company in international exhibitions, develop all the necessary forms of contracts and safe methods of payment, organize intermodal “door to door” delivery, declare the cargo at the customs and as well as insure your cargo.

Our services will allow you to feel comfortable and secure knowing that we are in full control of an international transaction at all times.