Analysis of Financial - Economic Activity

Analysis of financial – economic activity Analysis of financial – economic activity of any business, is one of the fundamental aspects of the company’s financial plan development. Our experts will evaluate the past and the current financial – economic situation and the results of business’s activity. Based on the results of this analysis, we will offer recommendations to your organization, which could form the basis for making management decisions.

Risk Management

Risk management We assist companies in evaluating business strategies for their sustainability in relation to the strategic, economic and financial risks. Risk management within the company is a task of risk analysis and decision-making, which will prevent the inception of risky events. Not only will our experts reveal the risks associated with financial and economic activities of the enterprise, but together with colleagues will also analyze the technological and operating risks, risks associated with changes in the regulatory framework, including

areas such as information security, keeping confidentiality of information safe and ensuring the smooth operation of the organization, regulation of IT unit.

Taxation in Turkey

Taxation in Turkey Taxation of the organization is an integral part of any company’s operation. In most cases, the business’s efficiency and its readiness to work in a highly competitive market depends on how effective the system of tax planning is built. When consulting, our specialists develop an optimum scheme of your company’s taxation, that not only allows to minimize tax payments, but also thrive in conditions of constant tightening of the requirements of tax authorities and changes in tax legislation.

International Finance

International finance In today’s economic world, no company, no investor can afford to ignore the basic concepts of international finance. Change in exchange rates, different rates of inflation, and the difference in interest rates can affect the competitive position of some parts of the business, irrespective of whether they are engaged in international transactions or not. For companies that operate in the international market, making appropriate decisions in this area also gets complicated due to the national differences in banking

regulations and trade regulations, the ways of regulating the market and the degree of political stability in the country in which they are active.

Our experts will advise you on all issues of working on the international financial market. In addition to the recommendations with regards to the selection of optimal schemes in carrying out international finance, our staff together with you will analyze the factors hindering the making of financial decisions when working at the international level. We will carry out a study on fluctuations in currency exchange rates on the competitive position of your company. And of course, without fail, we will analyze the impact of currency exchange rate against the rate of return on investment.