Doing Business in Turkey


MC Group of Companies Turkey assists international companies and individuals to build their businesses, trading activities and investments in Turkey.
We specialise in strengthening the market position of our clients locally.
Using our know how and contacts we help our clients to promote their goods and services, build business relationships and facilitate in the development and growth of their companies. We provide custom solutions, tailored research, management and consulting services based on given requirements.

We are flexible in our approach. We work fast, direct and produce viable results.

Consultancy Services

Consultancy services in Turkey Based on leading international practices in the field of consulting and management, our company has developed a unique system for analyzing companies as synergistic systems, where all the elements and structure are interrelated.

Since all systems are in constant motion, surrounded by a constantly changing external environment, one of our most important tasks is to build an adaptive system. We do take into

account the principles of homogeneity within the system and the relationship of individual elements that help us achieve outstanding results.

Our Executives can Help to Guide your Company Through
  • Forecasting and planning.
  • Strategy and policy development.
  • Business unit positioning.
  • Process reengineering and analysis.
  • Performance improvement.
  • Business anthropology and cultural compatibility.
Mission and Vision

Our Mission
Nowadays special attention is paid at human resources, technology, innovation and creativity.
Our mission is to transfer everyday gained experience and knowledge to new generations, to increase awareness of occupational safety and to contribute to environmental protection.

Our Vision
To become a trademark which works with the highest responsibility and the highest quality concept, to give the best service according to international standarts and to maintain permanent excellence for every single project.


We pull our weight for everything we do, every decision we make, and every promise we give. Contributing to the sustainable development in the sectors we operate and to the economic progress is our primary responsibility. We are in addition aware of our responsibilities to our society, the world and the nature. As a corporate structure, we maintain all our economic and social operations with the consciousness of creating a world to live in.

Our Quality Policy

1. Protect and Promote our ReputationTo investigate new areas of mine fields
Increasing the efficiency of existing fields
Enrich the mines produced
Produce and sell energy
In order to protect and promote our reputation: completing work in time accurately, at once, without compromising quality.
Enriching obtained products to provide more added values to the country.
2. Implementing Scientific and Technological DevelopmentsIn order to raise the quality and productivity we follow and implement all the developments in science and technology.
Provide them the tools and training they need to succeed in their work,
Working in compliance with quality management, ensuring continues development of quality system.
3. to Ensure All The Employees ContributionIn order to ensure quality, efficiency and profitability pay attention to team work
To encourage contributions
Checking with affiliated companies to encourage them participating in team work
4. Protecting The EnvironmentBeing sensitive to the environment through our planning and implementing phase. Creating environmental awareness. 5. Providing Employees Health And SafetyTaking care of the employees’ health and job security.
Working in accordance with all the laws and regulations.


Our success as a company rises on innovation. Seizing innovative opportunities and ideas which will create a world to live in by enhancing our economy, developing new fields of operation, thus keeping up with the changes constitute the basic value produced by our deepseated infrastructure and experience.